About Us - Vuela Headbands

About Us


Vuela headbands was founded by Carina Gonzalez in 2017 in Los Angeles, California. Vuela headbands is a yoga-inspired, athletic apparel accessory for women. What started as a dream to craft and design soon became a reality to create the best quality headbands with durability and uniqueness in every single headband as they are all handcrafted with love.

Noticing a gap for a lack in quality, stylish, and comfortable headwear for women, led our unique designs that are handcrafted for a more comfortable fit without neglecting its creative style and design, including a special touch to each handmade headband. There are 4 unique styles to cater to your own style; our headbands are made with the best quality fabrics and unique design for moisture wicking, durability, style, and comfort.

Our vision is to create an outlet for strong women to express their individuality and style through our handcrafted headbands while creating a community of women-hood where they can empower each other and nurture real relationships and mindfulness.